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Radiation Protection Single Screen

We introduce Radiation protection Screens, it is used for Minimize the radiation risk during X-ray procedures. We offer a wide range of radiation protection screen. Our screens are used by some of the medical institutions, hospitals, and X-ray laboratories & Diagnostic centers.


Our Radiation protection screens are guarding targeted areas of doctors and technician’s body during radiographic procedures. Other lead x ray shields are equipped with see-through windows, allowing doctors and technicians to monitor the patient during a procedure.


Common applications include Emergency Department, Trauma Rooms, and Operating Theaters wherever an immediate emergency X ray image is needed.


Our Radiation protection screens can be move to different areas of the X ray rooms.



Mobile with swivel casters
Height 6” X width 3”
Lead Sheet available  various thickness such as 0.5, 1.00, 1.5 & 2.00


Window Options:

8x10, 10 x12 & 14x14