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Mammography Phantom

We are counted amongst the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of qualitative Mammography Phantom. This equipment is carefully manufactured by our skilled professionals making use of sophisticated techniques and optimum quality materials. We have a wide assortment equipments varying in sizes, capacities and specifications to match with the needs of our clients. Mammography Phantom is widely used for mammography applications in clinics.



Long service life
Flawless precise functionality
High rigidness


Further Details:

Mammography Phantom

A test object designed to be used quickly and easily on a routine basis to provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most liable to deterioration.
An ongoing record of these numbers will reveal any trend towards deterioration in imaging performance.


TOR MAS and TOR MAX consists of the following:

Standard PMMA test block

(6 pieces 10.0±10%mm thick pmma 240mm diameter semi-circle
2 pieces 5.0±10%mm thick pmma 240mm diameter semi-circle)


(Ten-step grey-scale plus two points for Sensitometric measurements)

High Resolution limit

(1.0 to 20.0 LP/mm) x 1 for TOR MAS, x2 for TOR MAX

Low Contrast Resolution

(1.8 to 5 line pairs/mm, representing filamentary structures)

Low-contrast large-detail detectability

(12 details, 5.6mm diameter)

High-contrast small-detail detectability

(11 details, 0.5 and 0.25mm diameter)


(Particles representing micro-calcifications on a step-wedge background, median sizes 125, 225, 325 microns)