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Kodak 8100 Digital Paroramic System

Innovation is our forte and we strive to develop & offer a highly efficient assortment of Kodak 8100 Digital Panoramic System. A perfect solution for the every day panoramic needs, the range is designed using superior quality components, which are sourced from the reputed vendors of the market.


Offered in varied configurations, the range is preferred for the following attributes:

Face-to-face patient positioning
Easy access for patients
High image quality
Time saving
Higher productivity
Easy integration
Simple and precise image processing
Real-time diagnosis
Instant acquisition and visualization
Low radiation generation
ultiple applications TMJ, panoramic, maxillary sinus images, adult, segmented panoramic and paediatrics
Computer user interface
Can be upgraded to Kodak 8000C


Key Benefits:

Perfect for everyday panoramic needs
Effortless high-quality digital results
Outstanding value for money
Sleek, ultra-compact and elegant
"Plug-and-pan” solution – Easy to install, learn and use


Technical Specifications:


X Ray Generator
Tube Voltage 60-90kv
Tube Current 2- 15mA
Frequency 140kHz
Tube Focal Spot 0.5mm (IEC 60336)
Filteration >2.5mm eq.AI
Panoramic Modability
Sensor Technology CMOS
Sensor matrix 64x132 pixels
Image Feild 64x132 mm
Gray Scale 4096-12 bits
Magnification 1.2 (± 10%)
Radiological Exam Option Full panoramic, segmented 
panoramic, maxillary sinus, 
LA TMJ x 2, LA TMJ x 4, 2D+
Exposure Mode 4 patient sizes (Child. Adult: small, medium, large)
3 dental arch morphology
Exposure Time 4 to 14 seconds
Input Voltage (AC) 220 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz
100 - 130 V - 50/60 Hz*
Unit Dimensions 330 (L) x 894 (D) x 1596 (H) mm
Minimum Required Space 1200 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm
Weight Sensor matrix 72 kg (158.7 lb.)