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REGE imaging is explicitly known for its impeccable product and quality services in the field of Medical Imaging industries for the last four decades. We are one of the leading contrast media manufacturers and contrast media suppliers based in New Delhi. We are client oriented organization highly focus on delivering and fulfilling the diversified demand of radiological contrast media in the medical industries.


Contrast medium or radiological contrast media is a substance that is commonly used by the medical practitioner worldwide to optimize the contrast of structures or fluids in our body. The application of radiological contrast media in radiology escalates the visibility of our blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract in our body. We are among the leading contrast media manufacturers and contrast media suppliers.


Contrast media does not discolor the internal organ on a permanent basis. It has a temporary affects within our body that changes the way how x-ray and other imaging tools interact with our body. 


Radiological contrast media is inducted in our body prior to imaging test in order to differentiate and contrast the selected structures and areas in our body to that of other encompassed tissue. It is quite effective and efficient in enhancing the visibility of particular organs, tissues and blood vessels of our body during the radiology imaging exam. Hence contrast media suppliers are in high demand for its uses in contrast media radiology.


Rege Imaging, one of the Leading Contrast Media Suppliers

We ensure the comprehensive quality and availability of array of media contrast products for our feasible client. Being one of the frontline contrast media manufacturers and spearhead of contrast media suppliers. We strictly adhere to the best quality measure and customer services in the industries. For that reason we are one of trusted and client based performance oriented contrast media manufacturers and suppliers.


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