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AERB Guidelines For Radiation Protection

AERB has published a Safety Code (No. AERB /SC/MED-2(Rev.1), 2001), which guides users on radiation safety concern for medical diagnostic purpose.

You can download the Safety Code Click here


Some of the important guidelines by AERB for radiation protection are as follows:

Always buy Type Approved X Ray machine/equipment.
Ensure room layout and installation of X Ray machine, C Arm, CT, etc. are as per AERB recommended specifications.
Registration of all X Ray equipment with AERB is mandatory for operation in India.
Use of TLD badges is must by all radiation workers.


Some of the safety tools required for radiation protection



Safety Tools ( Protection Devices)

Radiography(fixed), portable x ray,

Computed Tomography,

Mammography, OPG  & CBCT

C-arm/O-Arm, Dental (Intra-oral) Dental (Hand –held), Digital Radiography (DR)

Mobile/fixed Protective Barrier with Viewing Window & Lead Protective Apron



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